January 2018

United Screens sold to RTL Group

United Screens: connecting the Nordics’ most popular influencers with world-leading brands

United Screens, the region’s leading multi-platform network (MPN)

Founded in 2013 by media veterans Stina Bergfors and Malte Andreasson, United Screens is a leading MPN that empowers social media influencers, connecting them with the world’s most prominent brands who are seeking modern advertising solutions (e.g. branded content campaigns).

United Screens is a YouTube-certified media company, and also operates across a large range of other social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitch and blogging platforms.

Operating a massive network of popular creators whose viewership largely exceeds that of any regional peer and is rapidly passing many commercial TV channels, United Screens is the Nordics’ largest MPN, and one of the frontrunners in Europe.

RTL Group bolsters its global MPN dominance further with the acquisition of market-leading United Screens

Having an interest in more than 60 TV and 30 radio stations, as well as a range of digital media assets across Europe, RTL Group is one of the continent’s largest media companies.

RTL Group is also a global leader in the MPN space, with ownership in BroadbandTV (the world’s largest MPN by number of viewers), Stylehaul (the world’s leading MPN focusing on fashion, beauty and lifestyle), and in German MPN leader Divimove.

The move to acquire United Screens comes as a natural step for RTL Group, gaining an instant pole position in the Nordics with access to the region’s most attractive and monetizable influencers, as well as extending its global leadership.

Stella EOC acted as sole advisor to the sellers.

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Dajana Mirborn

Investment Director at Bonnier Ventures

“Stella EOC provided us with outstanding advice throughout the process of divesting United Screens. They prepared and positioned the company very well, enabled senior global access to the relevant buyer universe and secured a very attractive transaction to the seller.”

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