January 2017

Sale of a minority stake in Jetshop

The #1 platform for Nordic mid-market e-tailers

Jetshop: Powering successful merchants with a cloud-based, full-service e-commerce platform

Launched in 2003, Jetshop is the pioneering provider of a full-service SaaS e-commerce platform for mid-market merchants in the Nordics.

In the recent years, the Company has changed its focus from the smallest e-retailers to mid-market players in the segment – typically Nordic businesses with an omni-channel model and a turnover above SEK 50m.

Jetshop has a strong position in the Swedish and Nordic e-commerce market with almost 1,500 e-commerce stores using its platform (market share of 25% of Sweden’s online retailers).

Restructuring Jetshop’s ownership group

An investment vehicle formed by family offices and entrepreneurs, has acquired a 35% stake in Jetshop from 60 small shareholders, becoming the Company’s largest shareholder.

This acquisition strengthens Jetshop’s capital structure and Board of Directors, which is joined by Bo Mattsson (Founder of market research platform Cint) and Anders Brenner (Founder of equity research firm Redeye and private equity investor.

Support the Company’s future growth

Following the transaction, Jetshop plans to boost its organic growth through the recruitment of personnel for sales and marketing, accelerating the shift towards fast-growing mid-market merchants.

The company is also looking at completing acquisitions to consolidate its space and become a more sizeable player in a market where competitors are large American companies.

Stella EOC acted as sole advisor to the sellers.

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Christian Zanders

Founder and CEO of Jetshop

“This transaction is a very important step for us. We are joined by a financially strong owner and even if raising capital is not a necessity right now, looking forward we see that we will need additional capital in order to increase the pace and look at acquisitions as well as at investments into new products.”

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