December 2017

Honeycomb merged with Group IMD

Bringing together two companies with game-changing technology that will shape the future of video advertising

Honeycomb: an innovative, data-led video fulfilment platform adopted by Sky, ITV & Channel 4

Honeycomb, a video fulfilment platform for today’s data-driven and programmatic world, is led by TV advertising pioneers James Carpenter and Richard Carter who head up a team with experience across the advertising, broadcasting and technology industries.

Working with the UK’s leading commercial broadcasters, Honeycomb’s platforms enable their clients to create smart advertising solutions, helping them streamline processes, manage and track ads, ensuring compliance and full integration with content distribution networks. Through the platform, Honeycomb’s clients are equipped to address the growing requirements of programmatic and addressable TV more efficiently.

Group IMD’s global customer base set to benefit from Honeycomb’s innovative technology

Founded in 1996, Group IMD has built a global business used by thousands of media owners, agencies and production companies in over 100 countries. They are a trusted partner for global clients including Unilever, L’Oréal and Universal Pictures, and recently fulfilled the first ever digital distribution of TV commercials in Japan.

Group IMD’s merger with Honeycomb will accelerate the path to programmatic television across platforms, enabling the TV industry to embrace the new types of video advertising it needs to compete with online publishers like Google and Facebook.

Stella EOC acted as sole advisor to Honeycomb.

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