May 2017

Dapresy acquired by Verdane Capital

Transforming complex data into easy-to-understand stories


Dapresy: Fueling the leading SaaS data visualization and data integration platform

Dapresy provides a visual data reporting software for market research and customer experience management.

Market research agencies and enterprise professionals are using Dapresy Pro to deploy visually engaging dashboards to clearly communicate complex data from markets, users and customers.

Founded in 2003 by Tobi Andersson (CEO), Dapresy has a headquarters in Sweden with a North American headquarters in Portsmouth, NH, and other offices around the globe.

Its clients include TNS, GfK, Cablevision, Kantar Media, Aimia, Ad Hoc Research, Blauw, AOL, Market Probe, Irwin Broh Research and many others.

Supporting the company’s long-term growth

Earlier in 2017, Stella EOC introduced Dapresy as an exclusive opportunity to Verdane, and advised the latter throughout the acquisition and investment process.

With offices in Oslo, Stockholm and Helsinki, Verdane advises funds that support midmarket companies with high ambitions in software, consumer internet, energy and high-tech industries.

In May 2017, Dapresy officially announced that it has received the support of Verdane Capital IX through a combination of primary funding and an acquisition of shares.

Funding from the new investment will be directed primarily towards development and support activities for its innovative and time-tested Dapresy Pro software, which enables users to create and deploy individually- tailored online dashboard used by market research agencies and enterprise clients to deploy the right data to the right people at the right time.

Stella EOC acted as sole advisor to the buyer.

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Pål Malmros

Partner at Verdane Capital

“Enormous amounts of market research and customer feedback data is being collected by businesses and agencies today, but this data becomes really valuable only when it can be translated into action. This is why we believe so much in Dapresy’s products.”

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