Stella EOC Capital

Opening up a unique deal flow for investments across Europe

Stella EOC Capital is supported by HNWIs and Family Offices, with the objective of deploying EUR 20-30m per year in unique, small cap companies. The investment team’s focus is predominantly in two sectors – E-commerce and Software – though we do consider situations in other industry areas too.

We are sourcing our deal opportunities across Europe via Stella EOC’s European offices in London, Berlin, Stockholm and Lausanne, with our Palo Alto office supporting the investment team with partner and exit opportunities for our portfolio companies.

Why invest with us in European TMT companies?

  • We see a constant flow of opportunities, have a solid market understanding and a seasoned investment team supporting our portfolio companies, which secures successful outcomes for our investments
  • Unique and proprietary access to Nordic tech companies. We see a steady build up of new opportunities after the successes with amongst others Skype, Spotify and iZettle
  • Attractive pricing in European tech sector relative to the US giving us arbitrage opportunities at exit
  • We are open to both the primary and secondary market, which opens up for interesting positions

Investments focused on high-growth, small cap companies

  • Our objective is to grow companies from small cap (EUR 10m-15m) to mid cap (EUR 50m-)
  • Value creation by accelerating growth, margin improvements and multiple expansion using our toolbox and experience from earlier cases and utilising our business network
  • Minimum ROI range of 3x due to current valuations and relative low risk, but clearly aiming for more!
  • Looking primarily to seek industrial exits or to mid market PE-funds within Stella EOC network

Senior Team

Anders Brenner

Mathias Thomsen

Investment Committee

Fredrik Malmberg

Kristoffer Kalleskog


Current Investments