Equity financing for Innometrics from
SEB Venture Capital

May 2014

Innometrics: Inspiring more meaningful engagement between customers and organisations

“There is increasing demand for actionable real-time customer data as is evidenced by our 300% growth in 2013. This funding will allow us to continue to grow strongly by investing in sales and marketing and continuing to enhance Profile Cloud.”

Mattias Ward, CEO of Innometrics

Financing round

USD 5m

2013 revenue growth







Stockholm, Sweden

A revolutionary tool for personalised marketing

Innometrics is a Stockholm-based Big Data SaaS marketing technology company behind Profile Cloud, a platform that unifies disparate customer data and empowers marketers with tools for real-time and personalised actionable marketing.

Profile Cloud allows companies to unlock customer data that is blocked in different silos across the enterprise (and hence very difficult to analyse and use) by collecting the information in the different applications to create a digital real-time profile for each customer.

This enables brands to have a deeper understanding of their customers and create meaningful, targeted and personalised conversations.

Raising funds to fuel Innometrics’ European expansion and develop the product

Innometrics has raised USD 5 million in a Series A financing round, led by SEB Venture Capital, the investment arm within SEB, and joined by existing investor Fortunator Invest (business angels).

To support strong growth and increased demand for next generation customer data management systems, Innometrics will use the funds to expand European operations, increase investment in sales and marketing and continue development of the Profile Cloud platform.

Stella EOC as sole advisor to Innometrics.